Horoscope for November 30: Enemies galore for Taureans, road mishap chances for Geminians

Zodiac signs play very crucial role in almost all aspects of our life. Every sign has its own set of characteristics. If you are eager to know about your wealth, health and financial issues, read the astrological predictions for November 30.



Wednesday 30 Nov 2022

Krutika - Even if the body is good, there will be fear in the mind. A slight improvement in income will be observed. Will eat together with friends.

Rohini- Enemies will increase in political sphere. Any grand plan can be implemented. Will get success in competitive exams

Mrugashira - Women's enthusiasm in housework will increase. Stay away from people who are mean.

Remedy – Recite Gayatri Mantra of Venus

Lucky color :White

Lucky number :6