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India, Cuba sign MoU for pharma regulation, medical devices

New Delhi: India and Cuba have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to enhance cooperation in the health sector such as regulation of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and information. The MoU was signed by Union Minister of Health…

Cuba rejects new US policy, calls it ‘archaic’

Havana: The Cuban government has rejected the newly-announced US policy towards the country and said that any attempt to change the political system on the island would be "destined to fail". The Cuban media called Trump's new foreign…

Time to end fawning over the dead

By Sandeep Sahu We, in India, have this unwritten code; don’t talk or write ill of the dead. As per this code, you are expected to sweep everything vile, unsavoury or dubious about the dead person under the carpet and highlight his/her…

Cuba ‘frees US-listed prisoners’

The Cuban government has released some of the 53 political prisoners that it vowed to release as part of the accord that allowed three Cuban spies jailed in the US to return to the island, the State Department said on Tuesday