14 years of saving five-rupee notes helps girl buy two-wheeler


Koraput: An attempt from 18-year-old Priyanka Panda of Koraput to save thousands of rupees worth of five rupee notes and buy a two-wheeler out of it has brought in loads of admiration from everywhere.

Priyanka’s parents say she had been saving five-rupee notes ever since she was four-year-old out of a curiosity by watching her father save money for her. Glad to see the smartness of their tiny tot, they also helped her save notes.

After nearly 14 years, Priyanka who now studies in Plus II at Jeypore Government Women’s College decided to use her years of savings to buy a two-wheeler so as to facilitate her communication to college.

“When I was a kid my father used to save money to buy me a bike so when I attain the age of four or five, I also started to save five-rupee notes. It was my father’s dream to buy me a bike when I take admission into College and it’s been immense pleasure to my parents and for me now that I have realised it. I urge other girls to save money for the betterment of their future and make their fathers proud,” Priyanka said.

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