Blind faith: Girl living as recluse in forest draws huge crowd


Nabarangpur: In a glaring example of blind faith, a teenage girl who is living as a recluse inside a forest in Nabarangpur for reasons unknown is drawing large number of people who believe her to be possessed by some divine spirit.

Dali Mahali, 15-year old daughter of Jagat Mahali of Dhanasuli village in Tumbarla Panchayat under Papadahandi block has been meditating near a termite mound in a nearby forest without food and water for the last four days. According to sources, such recluse and silence of Dali Mahali has left locals believing her to be a demigod with some divine powers.

Even her mother believes Dali became possessed by the spirit two to three months ago but they came to know about it after she started to talking to herself all night long.

“Next day she took us to show the spot inside the forest where she has asked to build a temple of Lord Gupteswar. She has barred us from touching or going near her for the next 21 days,” her mother said.

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