AIIMS renames conjoined twins Jaga, Balia to seek blessings


New Delhi: The Kandhamal conjoined twins will be operated at the AIIMS, New Delhi, only if a team of doctors formed for their treatment feels condition of the babies is suitable, said AIIMS neurosurgery department head Prof Ashok Mohapatra today.

Talking to media persons Mohapatra stated, “Primary investigation of the conjoined twins was done yesterday and doctors from different departments are holding consultations about the case,” adding that the operation might take anywhere between 10 hours to 50 hours.

Mohapatra, former AIIMS Bhubaneswar director, also said names of the conjoined twins have been changed from Honey and Singh to Jaga and Balia so that people from Odisha are emotionally connected and have a positive feeling about the operation.

On the condition of the conjoined twins, Mohapatra said both the children are malnourished and one of them is having running nose and already infected.

AIIMS New Delhi director Randeep Guleria said, “This is a rare condition and such cases occur once in 2.5 million live births. This case has high mortality rate as well. However, we will try our best to help them.”

“As the babies have chest infection, we will first ensure that they are healthy and ready for an operation,” Guleria added.

“Separating the conjoined twins while saving both of them is a big challenge. Especially when they share same blood circulation and supply,” he noted.

Yesterday the conjoined twins and parents reached the Odisha Bhavan after arriving in New Delhi by the Rajdhani Express and later went to AIIMS.

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