I would like to be remembered as a solider: Gen Singh

Pune: Army Chief Gen V K Singh, who retires tomorrow climaxing a controversial tenure at the helm, today said he would like to be remembered as a soldier who tried to uphold what the force stands for.

"All I would like to say is that I want to be remembered as a soldier, as somebody who has tried to uphold what the army stands for," he said addressing a press conference at the National Defence Academy here.

Seeking to downplay controversies surrounding him, he said there was no misunderstanding between him and the Defence Ministry.

The Army Chief he had set out on a target to transform the army to make it more effective, agile and fit for the future.

"I think we have put the Army on that path. It was not something that could be achieved in one or two years. It will happen in 15 to 20 years. I am quite sure it will continue," he said.

Stressing that the army is "apolitical", "absolutely secular" and "impartial", he maintained that the army did what it stated. "This is not my army or anybody else`s army. And as a nation, I think, we should be proud of our army.

Dismissing reports of misunderstanding between him and the Government, he said Defence Minister A K Antony was "very clear headed" in supporting the armed forces.

"There is no misunderstanding between the Ministry of Defence and us. Army is part of the government. We are one. Whatever we say is listened to," Gen V K Singh said.

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